Uk Quarantine Update

Great News for those of you that have considered importing dogs but been put off by the red tape, expense, and time required.

The UK will harmonise its pet movement rules with the rest of the European
Union from 1 January 2012, bringing the UK’s Pet Travel Scheme into line
with the most recent science. The UK will maintain its high level of
protection against animal diseases after the changes, which have the
potential to save pet owners around £7 million in fees.

Forcing pets to spend six months in quarantine, a practice dating from the
1800s, is no longer necessary because of vastly improved rabies vaccines and treatments.

All pets will still need to be vaccinated against rabies. Pets from the EU
and listed non-EU countries such as the USA and Australia will no longer
need a blood test and will only have to wait 21 days before they travel.
Pets from unlisted non-EU countries such as India, Brazil and South Africa
will be able to enter the UK if they meet certain strict criteria to ensure
they are protected against rabies, including a blood test and a three-month
wait before they enter the UK.

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