Woman left dog in car for six months

July 12 2011 at 09:10am

By Kristen van Schie

animal abuse


Protesters feel strongly about the daschund that starved to death. Picture: Tiro Ramatlhatse

 “How could you just leave your dog locked in your car for six months?” demanded the protester. “What kind of person does that? I want you to explain how you could do that.”

Margarita Rusbridge didn’t answer, and rushed through the corridors of the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court while her lawyer shielded her.

“Leave her alone,” he barked. “Shall I call the police on you?”

Rusbridge stands accused of animal abuse.

Last year, she parked her car at OR Tambo International Airport and boarded a flight to Norway. Her daschund was locked in the boot. She didn’t return for another six months. The daschund starved to death.

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