Puppy Instructor

Andy George

Andy brought his Springer puppy, Atlas to our puppy classes in 2021. Atlas is Andy's only dog and he reckons, "One is enough for now!" Andy chose our club as he knew he wanted to get into dog sport before Atlas joined the family. He was looking for a club which matched his thinking about training and CPDC came highly recommended. Attending puppy classes helped Atlas to become a well-trained & confident dog. Andy was inspired to share all he had learned with others so signing up to become an instructor was the ideal next step.

When he isn’t training dogs, Andy is a Production & Technical Manager, Film/TV Composer & Mixing/Mastering Engineer. After a busy work week, Andy finds being surrounded by puppies very therapeutic. “It’s a nice little escape”. Adding to that he enjoys the camaraderie of our team of instructors.

Atlas’s other parent is Andy’s wife, Zanél. Andy comes from a huge family who get together regularly. He enjoys golf, going to gym, video gaming, playing board games and musical instruments