Puppy Instructor

Mary Jervis

Mary has been part of The Club since 2012 and teaches our Senior Puppy Obedience. She has a German Shorthaired Pointer named Tavi and a Drahthaar (German Wirehaired Pointer) called Bümi. Tavi has been trained as a Search and Rescue dog, agility, some tricks and obedience. Bümi is currently training in obedience and versatile hunting dog training. She also has two cats, River and Troph, the latter thinks she is a dog as she loves car rides and often accompanies the dogs on their morning walk. 

Mary first came to the club when she got Tavi. Having a working dog, she wanted to do more with him than just a puppy class. She enjoyed all parts of dog training and loved spending time at the school so she jumped at the opportunity when Julie was looking for additional helpers - now we can’t get rid of her. Mary really enjoys working with people and their dogs. If she is able to get people even a little bit excited about building that relationship and having fun with their own dog, she’s happy.

Other than dog training, Mary is an electrical engineer working in the renewable energy sector. She also enjoys baking and trail running.