Obedience Instructor & Committee Member

Michelle Martin

Michelle has been with us since she started training her first pup in 1997. She teaches obedience or beginner’s obedience classes. She has a white boxer named Cooper, a tan boxer named Mango and a Pug named Gromit. She used to do agility with Cooper but he has joint issues so now they just meet with doggy friends over the weekend. She also has 3 cats who get on well with her dogs. She first came to the club with CJ, her first Boxer pup, on a recommendation from her vet. After years of trying to persuade her, she eventually decided it was time to give back and she joined our team. She felt like part of the furniture by then already. CPDC is family. Michelle enjoys the comradery and there's always someone to turn to with questions or advice. Michelle serves on our club committee.

Other than training, Michelle is also an animal wrangler for the film industry, works at a vet and sells raw dog food. Her work and life pretty much revolve around animals.