Does your dog bite, chew, dig etc?

Is your dog suffering from one or another behaviour problem like digging, chewing, excessive barking, food guarding etc.? Before splashing out on a visit from an animal behaviourist, ask yourself the following questions. 

  1. Are you taking your dog for at least a half to one hour of lead walking at least once every day?
  2. Does your dog get to run off the lead every day or go running with you?
  3. Does your dog have access to the family (not left outside in the yard)?
  4. Can your dog see out of your property?
  5. Do you play with your dog every day with a toy?
  6. Do you train your dog every day?
  7. Do you reinforce your basic pack leadership rules all the time (e.g. eating before your dog, dog off the bed, no greetings, no rough play etc.)?
  8. Does your dog have a regular daily routine i.e. eating, playing, walking at particular times?    
  9. Is everyone in the family consistent in treating the dog in the same way?
  10. Do you have basic house rules for acceptable behaviour?
  11. Does your dog always have something to chew on e.g. hoof, raw marrow bone etc?  

If you cannot answer “Yes” to all of these questions, do yourself a favour and address these issues first before looking for outside help for your dog. If you are meeting all your dog’s needs and your dog’s behavior is still a problem, contact us for a referral to a reputable behaviourist.

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