No More Pulling on the Lead!

With a dog halter, where the head goes, the body follows – making walking your dog a pleasure.

The halter fits onto your dog’s head with an adjustable plastic clip behind the ears. 

Price: R120 (plus R130 courier anywhere in South Africa)


Available in 4 sizes:

Size 1 – Jack Russel

Size 2 –  Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Size 3 – German Shepherd, Border Collie, Labrador, Ridgeback, Pitbull

Size 4 – Rottweiler, Boerboel

Initially, the halter needs to be a very snug fit to prevent the dog removing it or biting through it . Once your dog is used to the halter, you can purchase a larger size and/or adjust the halter to fit more loosely (as in the picture above).


To order, contact Julie or 0823767367

Alternatively, visit our Dog Shop at Pinelands Primary School on Saturday afternoons. 

37 Responses to “No More Pulling on the Lead!”

  • Paul Wagner says:

    hi, i have a boerboel or few boerboels ranging from 60-90kgs +. do you guys have a Halti for these size dogs? if so i am in cape town where about is your offices/club?

    kind regards

    • julie says:

      Yes we have a size 5 which will fit a large boerboel male and a size 4 which would fit a large boerboel bitch.

  • Lance Martincich says:


    I would like to purchase a head collar for my German Shepherd. She is just over 7months old now.

    Could you please let me know how I can arrange payment and delivery?

    I would also like to bring her for training but I saw your current class is fully booked. I would like to apply for the next available class but in the mean time would like to start getting her used to the lead.

    Thanking you
    Kind regards

    • julie says:

      Hi Lance

      We have stock of head collars at the club. You can pop down on any Saturday afternoon and someone will help you to get the right size. I would also suggest you sign up now for our January Beginners Course as spaces fill up very fast.


  • Malcolm mcrthur says:

    I have taken on a rescue dog found wandering in the township in Darling. He’s about 10 -12 months – a typical alsatian cross township mongrel. He’s great in every way except walking on a lead. I’m not young anymore and I’m finding it a battle to control him without hurting myself. I live in Dwarskersbos about 12km from Velddrif on the W. Coast. Could you post a dog halter to me?



  • Lisa Wardle says:

    Hi there,

    Looking at purchasing a number of Halti headcollars for our members at our club. Just came across your webpage advertising your headcollar. It is very evident that the price is two thirds cheaper that the original Halti. May I therefore ask if the quality is the same? If you wouldn’t mind – could you please send me pictures of the stitching etc.

    Much appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    Lisa Wardle
    Four Paws Dog Training Club & Puppy School

    • julie says:

      Thanks for your comment Lisa. I will email you some pics. The quality is excellent. I use them on my shepherds and they last literally for years. The halters are locally made therefore far cheaper than the imports. I can post you a sample.

  • Ashraf Mukadam says:

    Hi there
    I have an adult Doberman male? Walking him is a problem because of constant pulling. Could you suggest a Halti size for him and can you deliver to Pretoria.


    A Mukadam

  • Karen says:

    Hi. I have a 1 year old cross boerboel, bullmastiff female. She has been trained to walk on a half choke chain but still lunges forward and pulls whens she sees another dog in the street. I would like to use a Halti but am concerned that when the leashe is loose (which is how I have been taught to walk with her) – she can get the Halti off her nose. Can the Halti somehow connect to the choke chain just to make 100% sure I can restrain her when another smaller dog is around? Or – should I walk with two leashes while she is learning how the Halti works?

    • julie says:

      Hi Karen

      If the halter is buckled tightly behind the ears, the nose band cannot be pulled off easily. As an extra precaution, you can attach your lead clip to your regular collar as well as the halter – although the halter will not work quite as effectively as it could. A second lead is also an option. We are having some little safety extenders made at the moment which attach to the bottom ring of the halter and clip onto the collar. They should be available in the next week or two.

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi, I have a Doberman who is about a year and a half. He is awful on the lead and very often pulls us over, and he’s not even fully grown! We would like to get this under control before he becomes stronger and fully grown. Should we use this? And which size would suit him best?

    • julie says:

      Hi Stephanie – the halter would be perfect for your Dobie. A size 3 would be the correct size. We can post to you or if you are in Cape Town, you can collect from our clubhouse at Pinelands Primary School on Saturday afternoons.
      Mail me if you would like to arrange for postage on Julie

  • sylvia says:


    some advice please…I do have a halti ..and a staffie …and not only does she take me for a walk she hates other dogs ..and it is making my life a nightmare.I do not use the halti often and when i do it is also with a regular body harness as i am too afraid that the halti wont be able to hold her back when she sees another dog and goes CRAZY..please advise as to the safety of the harness to both the dog and its ability to hold her …should I encounter trouble..please i need help or a trainer ..other than that she is the most obedient girl ever.

    • julie says:

      Hi Sylvia
      The best thing to do is come to our club and purchase a little halter connector. It clips to the halter and to the collar so if the halter should come off, the lead is still attached to the collar. The halter is the best tool to manage a dog who does not like other dogs – far better than a harness. Drop me a line if you are wanting to get a referral to a behaviourist. Julie

  • Jordache says:

    Hi Julie,

    My American Staffordshire is really difficult to walk. Now that he’s fully grown. It’s awful. I need two – one for my Siberian Husky female (almost a year old) and one for my American staffie (2 years old). I live in Claremont and can always fetch it. Please let me know details of where to fetch it and what it will cost me.


    • julie says:

      Hi Jordache

      You are welcome to pop down to the club on any Saturday afternoon. You will need a size 3 for both your dogs. They are amazing and make walking
      a pleasure!


  • Andre says:

    I have a german sheperd /bull terrier cross. He hates other dogs. I need a halter coller and some training….please

  • Antonio says:


    I am looking for a halter for my 14 month Pittbull female. What would be the price and what payment method can I use. She’s already around the size 3.

  • Jenny says:

    Hello. Do you have the size 3 halter in stock at the moment? My girl (a rescue) has quite a lot of Africanus in her, but the colouring (and the ridge when riled!) of a Ridgeback. I’m going to send you a picture on a separate mail so that you can confirm that the size 3 is the one to go for. Thank you.

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      We have plenty of stock. A size 3 would fit both GSDs and your Dobermann. Are you in Cape Town and able to collect?

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      You can bring your pup to our puppy classes – no need to wait for adult beginners.
      We are open during the holidays so you can start straight away.


  • Belinda Speed says:

    Do you still have stock of these? Preferably the ones that attach to the collar, not around the mouth. I have a 30kg pitbull rescue dog.

    I’m in CT so can collect.

    Also please advise the 2017 price.
    Thank you!

    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      Hi Belinda, our halters are R100 each. You can message me on 0823767367 to arrange to collect.


    • Julie Tobiansky says:

      Are you referring to a halter? Yes we always have stock. The price is R100 each. Our shop is open on Thursdays from 4-6pm and on Saturdays from 12 to 4.30pm.

  • Fred van Zyl says:

    Good day,

    What is your latest pricing on your halters to prevent a dog from pulling. Will it also assist in the dog moving sideways.

    I am from Pretoria

    Fred van Zyl

  • jay says:

    I want to purchase a head halter for my weimaraner…1year old. Please addvise on how to arrange for payment and delivery to Grahamstown.


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