Suzy Bauerrichter

Occupation: electrologist.
Husband and two children.  Eva also a trainer at the club.Carl loves the dogs but loves soccer more.
At present I have three dogs Arrex GSD 6yrs Troy GDS  2yrs and wait for it Tikki a dachshund 14yrs.
I have trained about 6 dogs in obedience and over the last few yearsI’ve become  more involved in competition obedience, working all the way up to C level which is the highest you can go. At the moment I’m at B level with Arrex and I’ve just started with Troy at novice entered two shows with him won one and came 2nd qualifying in both. So you could say I ‘me very much a working trainer Motivational play make it fun. You should be the most important thing in your dogs life. With every dog I have trained I always say I will do it differently next time. But until you get there they are all different.One of the best books I ever read was The Intelligence of dogs by Stanley Coren.It helped to give me an insight about the dog. Karen Greys Puppy pamphlet was a good base after not having a puppy for a while its always good to read up. The buzz at the moment is Cesar Millan which “if only” but we aren’t him but we can learn. Neither of my dogs are that mad about food but if anything they will take chicken so mostly I use a ball as a reward. Firm fair and consistent was the advice I was given by a trainer at the club many years ago called Paul he always made it fun and after his class you went home with a feeling of having achieved something even if you didn’t get it right. One of my favourite trainers and who I love to work with is Ashlyn I think he has what it takes to make it happen, his dogs work for him. The clicker has been a great training tool but it’s not for everyone. My hardest dog to train the Dachshund only got her when she was 11 so very set in her ways learnt a lot about retaining so it wasn’t wasted.