Julie Tobiansky

Julie teaches Puppy 1, 2 and 3 plus Behaviour Management. She also presents the introductory talks for our Beginner's Obedience Course, Behaviour Management and Puppy 1. Julie has three German Shepherds, Goji, Litchi and Ouzo and she is a keen runner with Litch & Ouzo. She also has three cats, a Siamese, named Wasabi, two rescues - a crazy Ginger named Tonic and a calico cat named Nimbus.

Julie’s husband, Mervyn and his friend Dougie had started the club to train dogs for security. She brought her Bullterrier cross, Honey to the club which was based at Clyde Pinelands at the time. They later moved the club to Pinelands Primary School.

Julie was inspired to get involved with training when she had a friend with an incredibly well trained Ridgeback named Penny and was determined to have a dog as well trained as hers. When she moved into her first home and got her first dog, Honey, she counted the days until she was 6 months old and she could sign her up for training. She’s been hooked ever since.

Julie loves seeing the results people are able to achieve with their dogs in our classes. She’s been at it for 28 years plus and still looks forward to every Saturday.

Outside of Dog Club, Julie and Mervyn own and run a busy packaging factory (with a retail and online store), Merrypak. Together they have two grown-up (human) children, a daughter who is teaching in Hong Kong and a son who works in the family business. Besides walking and running with her dogs, volunteering to train the dogs at Animal Anti Cruelty League in Epping, Julie enjoys going to gym, reading, good food and has a “secret” addiction to Youtube, being an information junky. Maintaining the club & business websites and social media keep her pretty busy. Julie is passionate about inclusion and believes that people with disabilities belong in the workplace. She feels very privileged to be able to combine running a business with creating opportunities.