Our classes and courses are run every Saturday afternoon at Pinelands Primary School. We welcome all shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs including mixed breeds.

We are definitely not the biggest or cheapest club but we are a caring bunch of doggy people who share the passion for helping handlers and their dogs. Our club is run along the lines of a dog school offering a range of courses. Note that we are not a purely positive reinforcement dog training club - you will be training your dog with treats in our puppy classes and a combination of praise and correction in our classes for older dogs. Our training does not address behavioural issues but basic obedience is always useful to help better manage your dog.
What We Offer: Puppy Courses

Puppy Courses

Three progressive levels of puppy training starting from the day you get your puppy. Note: Maximum age to sign up is 16 weeks

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What We Offer: Adult Beginners Obedience

Beginner’s Obedience Course

A 6 week basic obedience course for any dog 5 months or older.

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What We Offer: Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management

A course for anxious dogs who show aggression to other dogs when on-lead.

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What We Offer: Obedience Courses

Further Obedience Courses

Three levels of further obedience for graduates from our Beginners or Puppy programme.

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What We Offer: Agility Training

Agility & Flyball Training

Fun sports for energetic handlers and dogs – suitable for most sizes of friendly dogs.

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What We Offer: Dog Shop

Dog Shop

Our shop stocks all required training equipment plus treats and toys.

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