Agility Training


Agility is a fast and fun sport for energetic handlers and their dogs. It is suitable for dogs of all sizes, even toy breeds, as long as they are slim and athletic. Dogs are guided to jump over and through a set range of obstacles, quickly and efficiently. Agility is highly addictive for both dogs and people! You have been warned! Our agility side is geared towards preparing for competition and amongst our dedicated team of instructors are experienced competitive handlers and licensed judges (with both KUSA and SAADA). We offer classes from Beginners’ to Advanced. 

Safety is always a priority. We train on a well-maintained level, school sports field and our equipment is checked regularly to ensure it poses minimal risk to the dogs. Entry to our agility classes is based on an initial assessment.
Contact Denise to find out more about starting agility with our club 

Agility fees are R600 per quarter for Beginners and Intermediate and R500 for Advanced.



Flyball is a fast-paced sport in which dogs race over four hurdles and back to retrieve a tennis ball. Teams of four handlers and dogs compete against each other to achieve the fastest time in a relay-style race. Flyball is suited to dogs that have a high ball drive and a good recall.

Entry requirements

There will be an assessment for any new handler to determine the suitability of your dog for flyball, and dogs must meet the following requirements

While most dog breeds are suitable to participate in flyball, there are some exceptions. Accommodations can be made for less suitable breeds, provided it does not pose a risk to their health to participate.

What do we expect from handlers?

As flyball is a team sport, we expect handlers to participate in all aspects of the sport, such as timekeeping and ball-loading.

While a harness is not a strict requirement, most handlers opt for it. Please select a harness that does not impede your dog’s stride and preferably has a handle on the back.

Class structure

Classes will be at 9 am on Saturday, and the course fee is R300 per quarter. Classes will include beginner to advanced handlers and dogs. In the event of a competition, class times might be adjusted or classes cancelled. Classes will also be cancelled in the event of rain, as it poses a high risk of injury.

For Flyball Enquiries, contact Lee


1. Over a year old
2. In good health, fit and not overweight
3. Motivated and enthusiastic to work with you
4. Food and/or toy motivated
5. Able to recall reliably off lead and have a steady wait
6. Friendly with other dogs and people (non reactive)
Complete an online application and send your proof of payment to
Bookings only will be accepted, we do not allow walk-ins. Only once payment is received is the booking secured.
Cape Province Dog Club
Account Number: 1073289117
Branch: 123209
Please use your name as a reference - we will match your payment to your application.
Pinelands Primary School, Clarendon Road, Pinelands, Cape Town