Puppy Courses

Congratulations on your new puppy! We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you; to help your pup turn into the best possible adult. A reminder that the best age for a puppy to leave the litter is 8 weeks. Good breeders don’t let their puppies go to their new homes any younger than that as the puppies learn so much from their mom and the rest of the litter between 6 and 8 weeks (like not to bite too hard!). If you have been offered a pup younger than 8 weeks, our advice would be to reconsider or to ask the breeder to keep the pup for the extra few weeks before bringing him home. You can join our introductory puppy group (Puppy 1) at any point from 8 to 16 weeks – the younger you start, the better. We train on Saturday afternoons and new pups join us every week so there is no specific starting date. There is no need to wait for all inoculations to be completed although we do recommend that you adhere to the inoculation programme recommended by your breeder or vet.

We are definitely not the biggest or cheapest club but we are a caring bunch of doggy people with a shared passion for helping people with their pups. We get around 600 puppies through our puppy classes each year and have been offering puppy classes since 1995. Our club is run along the lines of a dog school offering a range of courses for older dogs as well as puppies. 

We recommend that you don’t get more than one puppy at a time. If you are wanting to get a second puppy, wait at least 6 months to a year after getting your first. If you are considering two puppies or already have two puppies, click here for advice.

If you have not yet chosen your puppy and you would like some guidance, click here for advice. We would love the opportunity to advise you before you choose your puppy. For advice on crate training - click here. For information on the benefits of early socialising, click here.

Please do not bring your pup to training if they have diarrhoea or kennel cough. Bitches on heat must also please be kept away from classes.

Course Times and Fees

Our intro course for all new pups.

  • Entry age 8 weeks up to a maximum of 16 weeks. (if your pup is older than 16 weeks, click here to read about our adult beginners course)
  • Course Duration  5 lessons
  • Class Time Saturday afternoon 3.30pm to 4.30pm (please arrive 15 mins early)
  • Course Fee R500 for 5 lessons (R250 for senior citizens) 

Note: Fees are not refundable. The course fee is for all 5 lessons, not per lesson.  

Starting Date New pups filter in every week – there is no specific starting date. 

Our follow on course for pups who have completed Puppy 1. Pups may only wait a maximum of two weeks after completing Puppy 1 to start Puppy 2.

  • Course Duration 5 lessons 
  • Class Time Saturday afternoon 1.30pm to 2.30pm (please arrive 15 mins early)
  • Course Fee R500 for 5 lessons (R250 for senior citizens) 

Note: Fees are not refundable.

Starting Date New pups filter in every week – there is no specific starting date

Our follow on traditional obedience course for pups who have completed Puppy 2.

  • Course Duration  7 lessons
  • Class Time Saturday afternoon 2.30pm to 3.30pm (please arrive 15 mins early)
  • Course Fee R700 for 7 lessons (R350 for senior citizens) 
  • Next Starting Date 9 March 2024

Note: Fees are not refundable.

When you book and pay for our Puppy 1 group, you are added to a Whatsapp group and you will receive a link to an introductory video. Puppy 1 consists of 5 weekly group classes on Saturday afternoons. New pups join us every week but must be booked in advance. (book and pay by Monday to be able to start on the Saturday, if we have space – otherwise you will start the following week). Note that if the handler is a child, they must be in high school.
Our puppy courses teach you everything you need to know to help your puppy become a confident, manageable dog. Pups get a chance to run free and socialise in small supervised groups, learn obedience exercises (like sit, down, stand, heel, stay, leave, come and go-to-bed) in a fun way using treats and get to clamber over and through safe, puppy-size obstacles. Our courses are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs including toy breeds. Each group takes about 6-8 pups. Our trainers are all passionate about dogs and will happily answer your questions about training challenges, behavioural problems and basic health care.
You need to put 5 consecutive weeks aside to attend puppy class as missing lessons is very disruptive for your puppy. Make arrangements to continue socialising your puppy with other dogs and people during the week and have the time to commit to at least two 15 minutes training sessions per day plus regular outings. We recommend that your puppy lives inside your home as part of the family so they can learn how you expect them to behave. To teach good behaviour and speed up house training, we recommend that your pup stay on a lead attached to you, while in the home and that you consider crate training for when you can’t watch your pup or for when you need to go out. We suggest early spaying and neutering (at any age from 6 months). Your puppy should wear a collar and tag at all times. Prepare your puppy for class by getting your puppy used to being handled from day one. Do not allow anyone (especially children) to play roughly with your puppy.
Our 5 week entry course is Puppy 1 and is followed by a 5 week course, called Puppy 2. Both of these courses teach the exercises using treats to lure and reward the correct behaviour. After you have completed Puppy 2, we introduce formal obedience training without treats in our Puppy 3 Course. Here we build on the foundation exercises taught in Puppy 1 and 2 so that you can get proper control of your adolescent dog. The training method used in Puppy 3 is praise and correction (treats are only given at the end of each exercise).
Pinelands Primary School, Back entrance in Clarendon Road, Pinelands, Cape Town

Come Prepared

 A very hungry puppy – please do not feed lunch on training days.

  • A collar and webbing lead (please do not bring a body harness, chain collar or chain lead)
  • For puppies over 14 weeks, you will need a head halter. If you have a flat faced breed, chat to us about alternative equipment options
  • Tasty, soft, pea size treats eg chicken or beef biltong, sliced viennas, dried sausage or liver. Please do not bring dog pellets, dog biscuits, commercial dog treats or cooked chicken shreds.
  • A poo bag to clean up after your dog
  • Water and a bowl

Note that all equipment plus a range of chews, treats and toys is available in our club shop. Our shop is open from 11am on Saturdays and takes credit cards and Snapscan only (no cash).

Comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and do not fall off when you bend over. You will need to be able to kneel down on the ground.  

  • A moon bag or treat pouch for your treats
  • Closed non slip shoes
  • A weather-proof jacket on rainy days - we train whatever the weather.

Complete an online application by clicking on the "apply now" button above. Make payment of the course fee by EFT or Snapscan and send proof of payment to info@capeprovincedogclub.co.za 

For puppy class related queries, contact Denise on 0835361960 or agtog51@gmail.com

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