Puppy Instructor

Lee Kruse

Lee has been involved with us for the past three years and teaches Puppy 1 and Puppy 2. She came to us when a friend who was an instructor with us, mentioned that we were looking for volunteers. Learning about puppy behaviour during puppy socialisation was absolutely fascinating to Lee and she realised there was a lot of psychology behind the way dogs act and react. She’s always really enjoyed teaching (she also teaches students at UCT). But it's especially rewarding to be able to help people's relationship with their dogs grow through training. The dog club has brought her absolute joy and fulfillment. The fact that all the instructors work on a volunteer basis is so amazing because they all are so passionate about continuously learning and trying to improve their own skills. Going to the club every Saturday makes her feel like she’s part of the best community in Cape Town. 

Other than teaching puppies, Lee is doing her PhD in Biomedical Engineering. She and her boyfriend  enjoy doing bird watching and photography. They have two whippets, Oslo and Ivy. Both dogs enjoy agility and flyball.