Puppy & Behaviour Management Instructor

Meg Brown

Meg has been with our club for 4 years. She started teaching puppy classes in 2018 and added Behaviour Management classes in 2021.

She has 2 dogs, a tripod mix named Samkha and a Great Dane named Bourbon. She loves  to do obedience with both of her dogs and enjoys teaching them new things as well as exploring with them. Meg volunteers at the Animal Anti Cruelty League once a week, training the shelter dogs to improve their chance of being rehomed. Meg runs a dog themed clothing brand called Dogz.co.za 

Meg originally came to CPDC with a her family dog and fell in love with the atmosphere, training and people. She then brought her older dog (Samkha) to do some obedience and decided she didn't want to stop coming.

Mervyn and Julie encouraged her to join the puppy squeezers (the team who manage the puppy play) and when a new course for puppy instructors came up, she decided to sign up.

The club is one of Meg’s favourite places. Dogs bring her the most joy and having the opportunity to help others to have better lives with their dogs is an amazing way to spend a Saturday.