Mervyn Tobiansky

Mervyn broke away from the German Shepherd Dog Cub with three others to start Cape Province Dog Club at Clyde Pinelands in 1988. They wanted to teach protection work and get involved in obedience competition. Over the years, Mervyn has taught a variety of classes including preparing handlers for competitive obedience. He teaches our Beginners Obedience Course. He has three German Shepherds with his wife, Julie named Goji, Litchi and Ouzo. Mervyn has completed up to Class C Obedience in the past but he now happily leaves the training to Julie. They have always had a household full of dogs but who are all very well behaved and relaxed at home. Basic training really does pay off. But! The secret is out, Mervyn is actually a cat man. They have 3 cats, a Siamese named Wasabi, a Ginger named Tonic and a calico cat named Nimbus. 

Mervyn loves helping others and for him, dog training provides the perfect opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives. 

Mervyn and his wife, Julie run Merrypak and have two grown-up children together. Their daughter is teaching in Hong Kong and their son works in the family business. 

Mervyn likes to be active – He’s a keen cyclist and enjoys going to gym. He loves watching sport and movies. Julie and Mervyn enjoy travel and are always planning their next holiday.

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the difference that dog training can make. I love seeing the change in the dogs from when they first arrive at training to assessment day, at the end of the course.”