Beginner's Obedience Instructor

Michele Bentley

Michele has two dogs, a Border Collie named Grace, and a terrier mix named Harry. She began training at CPDC in 2017 after a chance meeting with a trainer from the club while out on a walk. She was looking for help with her dog’s reactivity at the time.

“Having a reactive dog can be overwhelming. I grew up with and have always had dogs, however I had never dealt with reactivity issues, and was unsure how to properly train my dog in order to give her a fulfilled life. Behaviour Management gave me the tools I needed to create a beautiful bond with my dog.” After completing Behaviour Management with Grace, Michele went on to complete all obedience courses at the club, and has recently started competing in obedience.

Harry was rescued as an abandoned stray during Covid lockdown in 2020. “The Beginners course gave Harry the confidence he desperately needed. We were able to go on to agility, which we both thoroughly enjoy.”

Michelé works in the legal space, and writes comedy fiction part-time. In her spare time enjoys any activity which includes her dogs, hiking, traveling, cooking, reading, music, and the theatre.