Beginner’s Obedience & Behaviour Management Instructor

Natanya Dreyer

Natanya has been involved with us for the past two and a half years, first as an agility student and more recently as an instructor. She has been teaching Beginner’s Obedience and Behaviour Management for the past 9 months and will soon be coaching flyball too. 

 Natanya has always wanted to help people train their dogs, so when a fellow flyballer and instructor suggested that she come and observe puppy classes at the club, she jumped at the chance! From there she was invited to train as a instructor, and the rest, as they say, is history...

 "There is nothing that gives me more joy than seeing a student succeed. Whether it's getting their dog to down for the first time or getting their reactive dog to focus on them amid distractions. The reward is knowing that in some small way, their and their dogs' lives are changed for the better".

There has never been a time that Natanya has not had dogs and her love for them started at a very young age. She currently has two Weimeraners and a great dane and enjoys participating in tricks and working trials with them. She also competes at flyball. When she is not taking long hikes with or training her dogs, she enjoys latin & ballroom dancing and travel. 

 Natanya is a conservationist at heart and has always worked in the field of nature conservation. Her career has taken her on the most amazing adventures and she has enjoyed everything from working as a wildlife rehabilitator to managing a variety of nature reserves across the continent. She finally settled in Cape Town after specialising in the field of people and conservation. She now works for government and heads up a component which aims to act as a catalyst for positive environmental behaviour change. 

 She and her partner also own a cat boarding facility and they hope to expand this to a doggie daycare someday too